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Fixed bug 1542 - SDL_Touch should reserve tilt_x and tilt_y Gerry JJ 2012-07-14 19:42:23 PDT The SDL_Touch structure currently reserves fields for tablet tilt and rotation (marked "for future use"), but a tablet stylus can tilt in both x and y directions in addition to rotation around itself (or, put another way, it can rotate in x, y and z). So, the struct should probably reserve fields for both tilt_x and tilt_y, not just tilt.

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 *  \file SDL_touch.h
 *  Include file for SDL touch event handling.

#ifndef _SDL_touch_h
#define _SDL_touch_h

#include "SDL_stdinc.h"
#include "SDL_error.h"
#include "SDL_video.h"

#include "begin_code.h"
/* Set up for C function definitions, even when using C++ */
#ifdef __cplusplus
/* *INDENT-OFF* */
extern "C" {
/* *INDENT-ON* */

typedef Sint64 SDL_TouchID;
typedef Sint64 SDL_FingerID;

struct SDL_Finger {
  SDL_FingerID id;
  Uint16 x;
  Uint16 y;
  Uint16 pressure;
  Uint16 xdelta;
  Uint16 ydelta;
  Uint16 last_x, last_y,last_pressure;  /* the last reported coordinates */
  SDL_bool down;

typedef struct SDL_Touch SDL_Touch;
typedef struct SDL_Finger SDL_Finger;

struct SDL_Touch {
  /* Free the touch when it's time */
  void (*FreeTouch) (SDL_Touch * touch);
  /* data common for tablets */
  float pressure_max, pressure_min;
  float x_max,x_min;
  float y_max,y_min;
  Uint16 xres,yres,pressureres;
  float native_xres,native_yres,native_pressureres;
  float tilt_x;                 /* for future use */
  float tilt_y;                 /* for future use */
  float rotation;               /* for future use */
  /* Data common to all touch */
  SDL_TouchID id;
  SDL_Window *focus;
  char *name;
  Uint8 buttonstate;
  SDL_bool relative_mode;
  SDL_bool flush_motion;

  int num_fingers;
  int max_fingers;
  SDL_Finger** fingers;
  void *driverdata;

/* Function prototypes */

 *  \brief Get the touch object at the given id.
  extern DECLSPEC SDL_Touch* SDLCALL SDL_GetTouch(SDL_TouchID id);

 *  \brief Get the finger object of the given touch, at the given id.
  DECLSPEC SDL_Finger* SDLCALL SDL_GetFinger(SDL_Touch *touch, SDL_FingerID id);

/* Ends C function definitions when using C++ */
#ifdef __cplusplus
/* *INDENT-OFF* */
/* *INDENT-ON* */
#include "close_code.h"

#endif /* _SDL_touch_h */

/* vi: set ts=4 sw=4 expandtab: */