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Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 13:59:56 -0600
From: David Snopek <>
Subject: Compiling SDL with Borland C++

<title>Building SDL with Borland C++ </title>

<h1>Building SDL with Borland C++ </h1>
<b> by <a> David Snopek </a> </b> 


These instructions cover how to compile SDL and its included test programs using either 
Borland C++ Builder 5 or the free Borland compiler. <br>

<h3> <b> Extract the files </b> </h3>

<p> Unzip the archive into <b>this</b> directory.  Do not unzip it into any 
other directory because the makefiles use relative paths to refer to the SDL sources.  This 
should create a directory named "Borland" inside of the top level SDL source directory. 

<h3> <b> Using Borland C++ Builder 5 </b> </h3>

<p> Inside of the "Borland" directory there is a "bcb5" directory that contains a number 
of Builder project files.  Double-click on the "libSDL.bpg" file icon.  Once Builder has 
started click on the "<u>P</u>rojects" menu on the menu-bar and go down to 
"B<u>u</u>ild All Projects" option.  This will proceed to build SDL, SDLmain, and all 
the <a href="#tests">test programs</a>. </p>

<h3> <b> Using the free Borland compiler </b> </h3>

<p> The free Borland compiler can be downloaded at no charge from <a href=""> the 
Borland website </a>.  Make sure that it is installed and properly configured. </p>

<p> Open an MS-DOS Prompt.  Change to the "Borland\freebcc" directory under the 
SDL source directory.  Type "make -f SDL.mak" to build SDL and "make -f 
SDLmain.mak".  There are also makefiles for all of the <a href="#tests">test 
programs</a>, if you wish to build them. </p>

<h3> <b> Output files </b> </h3>

No matter which compiler you used, three important files should have been produced:
	<LI> SDL.dll </LI>
	<LI> SDL.lib </LI>
	<LI> SDLmain.lib </LI>

Both of the *.lib files will need to be added to all the projects that use SDL and SDL.dll 
must be placed some where the Windows dynamic linker can find it (either in your 
project directory or on the system path, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM).

<a name="tests">
<h3> <b> Test programs </b> </h3>

Some of the test programs require included media files.  Before trying to run any of the 
test programs, copy these media files from the "tests/" directory into the build directory.