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Added a #define option for compile time Xrender support. Added some more attributes (specific to Xrender) to the X11 structs. Added some code for querying the Xrender extension.

SDL on Sony Playstation3

  First, you have to install the Cell SDK
  - Download the Cell SDK installer RPM and ISO images to
    a temporary directory such as /tmp/cellsdk.
  - Mount the image: mount -o loop CellSDK-Devel-Fedora_3. /tmp/cellsdk
  - Install the SDK installer: rpm -ivh cell-install-3.1.0-0.0.noarch.rpm
  - Install the SDK: cd /opt/cell && ./cellsdk --iso /tmp/cellsdkiso install

  You'll than need to install the SPU-libs
  - Run make ps3-libs && make ps3libs-install

  Finally, install SDL
  - Go to SDL-1.2/ and build SDL like any other GNU style package.
    - Build the configure-script with ./
    - Configure SDL for your needs: ./configure --enable-video-ps3 ...
    - Build and install it: make && make install

  - Mouse & Keyboard support
  - On SPU-side the current scaler and converter restrictions are:
    - resolution has to be a multiple of 8 (will work on that)
    - scaler/converter only supports the YV12 and IYUV format
    - the scaler works only bilinear (lanzos would be nice)
  - Optimize the SPU-program handling on the PPE side
  - Integrate spumedia in SDL

Have fun!
  Dirk Herrendoerfer <d.herrendoerfer [at] de [dot ibm [dot] com>