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Added a #define option for compile time Xrender support. Added some more attributes (specific to Xrender) to the X11 structs. Added some code for querying the Xrender extension.

Project files for embedded Visual C++ 3.0, 4.0 and 
Visual Studio 2005 can be found in

SDL supports GAPI and WinDib output for Windows CE.

GAPI driver supports:

- all possible WinCE devices (Pocket PC, Smartphones, HPC)
  with different orientations of video memory and resolutions.
- 4, 8 and 16 bpp devices
- special handling of 8bpp on 8bpp devices
- VGA mode, you can even switch between VGA and GAPI in runtime
  (between 240x320 and 480x640 for example). On VGA devices you can
  use either GAPI or VGA.
- Landscape mode and automatic rotation of buttons and stylus coordinates.
  To enable landscape mode make width of video screen bigger than height.
  For example: 
- WM2005
- SDL_ListModes

There are several SDL features not available in the WinCE port of SDL.

- DirectX is not yet available
- Semaphores are not available
- Joystick support is not available
- CD-ROM control is not available

In addition, there are several features that run in "degraded" mode:

Preprocessor Symbol		Effect
===================		=================================

USE_GETTICKCOUNT		Less accurate values for SDL time functions
USE_SETTIMER			Use only a single marginally accurate timer

DISABLE_ICON_SUPPORT		Can't set the runtime window icon

USE_STATIC_CURSOR		Only the arrow cursor is available

NO_GETKEYBOARDSTATE		Can't get modifier state on keyboard focus

NO_GETKEYBOARDSTATE		Very limited keycode translation

NO_GETDIBITS			Can't distinguish between 15 bpp and 16 bpp
NO_GAMMA_SUPPORT		Gamma correction not available