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Don't build RPM archives that have ALSA dependencies

  Patch version 0.8 of SDL(Simple DirectMedia Layer) for Nano-X API
  Author: Hsieh-Fu Tsai,

  There are two patch files in this package. 

  1. The first patch file, nanox.patch, is to fix a bug in Nano-X. 
     This patch is proposed by Gary James (

  It fixes the client side GrClose(). In the original version, 
  GrOpen() can only be called once. When the GrOpen() is called at 
  the second time, the program will terminate. In order to prevent
  this situation, we need to insert "nxSocket = -1" after 
  "close(nxSocket)" in GrClose(). If you do not have this problem,
  you may skip this step. 

  Quick Install 

  1. ./configure --disable-video-x11 --disable-video-fbcon \ 
       --enable-video-nanox \ 
  2. make clean 
  3. make 
  4. make install (as root) 



  If the wrong pixel type is used, the program will crash when the 
  sub-routine updates the screen. This option depends on SCREEN_PIXTYPE 
  which is defined in Microwin0.89pre7/src/config. SCREEN_PIXTYPE 
  is used to define the pixel type in Microwindows/Nano-X. 
  I only test the program when the pixel type is in "rgb" 
  (Microwin under X11) or "888" (framebuffer in 24-bit).

  --enable-nanox-debug           Show debug messages 
  --enable-nanox-share-memory    Use shared-memory to speed up 

  Some programs can be used to test this patch. 

  1. (a tetris-like game) 
  Todo List 

  1. Create hardware surface
  2. Create YUVOverlay on hardware
  3. Use OpenGL
  4. Gamma correction
  5. Hide/Change mouse pointer

  Supporting Institutes
  Many thanks to go to Setabox Co., Ltd. and CML (Communication and
  Multimedia Laboratory, in the 
  Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of 
  National Taiwan University for supporting this porting project.
  Contact Information

  Welcome to give me any suggestion and to report bugs.
  My e-mail address : or