Fixed outdated information in a README for iOS.
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Fixed outdated information in a README for iOS. Four of the listed programs do not exist anymore.
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 TestiPhoneOS.xcodeproj contains targets to compile many of the SDL test programs for iPhone OS.  Most of these test programs work fine, with the following exceptions:
-	Program crashes.  Problem appears to effect Mac OS X as well.
 	SIGTERM kills the process immediately without executing the 'kill' function.  The posix standard says this shouldn't happen.  Apple seems intent on having iPhone apps exit promptly when the user requests it, so maybe that's why(?)
 	Locks appear to work, but there doesn't appear to be a simple way to send the process SIGINT.
-	"SDL error: blitting boat: Blit combination not supported."  Happens on Mac OS X as well.
 	SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface requests an ARGB pixel format, but iPhone's SDL video driver only supports ABGR.
-	Behaves as it does under Mac OS X ... not sure if that is correctly or not.
-	Works if -threaded is not on.  Otherwise it doesn't work, but this is true under Mac OS X as well.