Added some more information on how the port works
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Added some more information on how the port works
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 Android NDK r4 or later
  How the port works
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 Java project, along with some C support code that communicates with Java
 - This eventually produces a standard Android .apk package
+The Android Java code implements an "activity" and can be found in:
+The Java code loads your game code, the SDL shared library, and
+dispatches to native functions implemented in the SDL library:
+Your project must include some glue code that starts your main() routine:
  Building an app
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 	build.xml		- build description file, used by ant	- holds the ABI for the application, currently android-4 which corresponds to the Android 1.6 system image	- holds the SDK path, you should change this to the path to your SDK
-	jni/			- directory holding native code and
+	jni/			- directory holding native code
 	jni/		- Android makefile that includes all subdirectories
 	jni/SDL/		- directory holding the SDL library files
 	jni/SDL/	- Android makefile for creating the SDL shared library
-	jni/src/		- directory holding your application source
+	jni/src/		- directory holding your C/C++ source
 	jni/src/	- Android makefile that you should customize to include your source code and any library references
 	res/			- directory holding resources for your application
 	res/drawable-*		- directories holding icons for different phone hardware