author Ryan C. Gordon <>
Mon, 08 Feb 2010 04:02:01 -0500
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Closing the "trunk" branch. (it's a relic of the conversion from Subversion to Mercurial).


for feh in ??_?_?/*.bytecode ; do
    echo -n "$feh "
    echo -n `./testparse glsl $feh |grep "INSTRUCTION COUNT: " |perl -w -p -e 's/\AINSTRUCTION COUNT://;'`
    echo -n " vs. "
    grep "instruction slots used" `echo $feh |perl -w -p -e 's/bytecode\Z/disasm/;'` |perl -w -p -e 's#\A// approximately (\d+) instruction slots used .*?\Z#$1#;'