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+This is an unofficial OS X Project Builder environment to build a physfs Framework.
+Built with:
+physfs 0.1.7
+Project Builder 2.0.1
+OS X (10.2 Jaguar)
+This project was created by brainlessly mimicking the SDL (Simple Direct Media 
+Layer) Project Builder projects. The scripts were also shamelessly taken from 
+SDL as well. There may be errors. Use at your own risk!
+This project creates 2 installer packages:
+- A physfs framework for development (for people who wish to link to physfs)
+- A physfs framework for users (for users who run programs that used the above 
+This project also builds static libraries for physfs (to build physfs and physfsc) but 
+they are not installed anywhere. If you wish to use them, you will need to 
+copy them out of the build directory.
+Eric Wing <ewing2121@yahoo.com>