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--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/makeos2.cmd	Sat Jul 27 06:26:16 2002 +0000
@@ -0,0 +1,45 @@
+@echo off
+rem this is a simple batch file to build PhysicsFS on OS/2. You need to have
+rem  the EMX development tools installed for this to work.
+rem This script (and, indeed, our OS/2 support) could use some tweaking.
+rem  Patches go to ...
+set CFLAGS=-Wall -Werror -g -Zomf -Zmt -Zmtd -I. -Izlib114 -c -DDEBUG -DOS2 -DPHYSFS_SUPPORTS_ZIP -DPHYSFS_SUPPORTS_GRP
+@echo on
+mkdir bin
+@echo ;don't edit this directly! It is rewritten by makeos2.cmd! > bin\physfs.def
+@echo NAME PHYSFS WINDOWCOMPAT >> bin\physfs.def
+@echo DESCRIPTION 'PhysicsFS:' >> bin\physfs.def
+@echo STACKSIZE 20000 >> bin\physfs.def
+@echo BASE=0x10000 >> bin\physfs.def
+@echo PROTMODE >> bin\physfs.def
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/physfs.obj physfs.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/physfs_byteorder.obj physfs_byteorder.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/os2.obj platform/os2.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/dir.obj archivers/dir.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/grp.obj archivers/grp.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/zip.obj archivers/zip.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/adler32.obj zlib114/adler32.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/compress.obj zlib114/compress.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/crc32.obj zlib114/crc32.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/deflate.obj zlib114/deflate.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/infblock.obj zlib114/infblock.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/infcodes.obj zlib114/infcodes.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/inffast.obj zlib114/inffast.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/inflate.obj zlib114/inflate.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/inftrees.obj zlib114/inftrees.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/infutil.obj zlib114/infutil.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/trees.obj zlib114/trees.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/uncompr.obj zlib114/uncompr.c 
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/zutil.obj zlib114/zutil.c
+gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/test_physfs.obj test/test_physfs.c
+gcc -Zomf -Zmt -Zmtd -o bin/test_physfs.exe bin/*.obj bin/physfs.def