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More win32 updates.

Building is very easy.


Please understand your rights and mine: read the text file LICENSE in the root
of the source tree. If you can't abide by it, delete this source tree now.

The best documentation for the PhysicsFS API is physfs.h. It is VERY heavily
commented, and makes an excellent, in-depth reference to all the functions.


Edit "Makefile", and follow the instructions. The defaults are probably okay
for general purposes, but give it a once over to make sure. If you don't have
zLib on your system, you'll need to disable ZIP support.

run "make"

That's it. The library will be sitting in a new directory called "bin".

Run "make install" to install the library for use on your system.

If building with CygWin, follow the Unix instructions, above. If you're using
Visual C, unzip so that the project files end up in the same
directory as physfs.c, and point Visual C at that project to build. If you're
using any other compiler, send me a patch when you get it working.  :) 

--ryan. (