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   Please note that the win32 and macos support files are out of date, but
   will be corrected shortly.  --ryan.

Building is (ahem) very easy.


Please understand your rights and mine: read the text file LICENSE in the root
of the source tree. If you can't abide by it, delete this source tree now.

The best documentation for the PhysicsFS API is physfs.h. It is VERY heavily
commented, and makes an excellent, in-depth reference to all the functions.

UNIX and BeOS:
(If you got this code from CVS, run "./bootstrap" first.)

Run ./configure --help and see what features can be optionally enabled or
disabled. "./configure" does its best to pick optimal defaults for your

Run "make".
As root, run "make install".
If you get sick of the library, run "make uninstall" as root and it will
remove all traces of the library from the system paths.

If building with CygWin, follow the Unix instructions, above.

Otherwise, get,
and unpack in the root of the source directory, preserving directory names. If
you did it correctly, there should be a file named "physfs.dsp" in the
same directory as "physfs.h". That zipfile has Visual C project files for
Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Studio .NET. If you're using Visual C, point the
IDE at physfs.dsp, and build. If you're using any other compiler, send me a
patch when you get it working.  :)

IMPORTANT: If you are using anything older than Visual Studio.NET, you
will _NEED_ to upgrade to the latest Platform SDK from Microsoft. It is a
free download:
Be sure to install _at least_ the Core SDK and the WMI SDK. Even though you
need these SDK updates, the compiled PhysicsFS DLL should work on any win32
platform from Win95 and WinNT 4.0 and later. IF YOU ARE MISSING CONSTANTS
complain to us. Suck it up and upgrade your libraries.

No one's tried building this for a WinCE (PocketPC) platform, but it may or
may not work. Patches are welcome.

If someone is willing to maintain prebuilt PhysicsFS DLLs, I'd like to hear
from you; send an email to

MACOS 8/9:
Download and 
unpack it in the root of the physfs folder. It should produce a folder 
called "Mac Classic Support" that has CodeWarrior 6 project files.

If someone is willing to maintain prebuilt PhysicsFS Shared Libraries for
the Mac, I'd like to hear from you; send an email to

Many platforms, such as Solaris and MacOS X, might "just work" with the Unix
autoconf tools. Some of these platforms are known to have worked at one time,
but have not been heavily tested, if tested at all. To implement a new
platform or archiver, please read the heavily-commented physfs_internal.h
and look in the platform/ and archiver/ directories for examples.

--ryan. (