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Allow application-supplied archivers. This lets an application supply its own archivers, where they will work like any built-in archiver. This allows abstract directory interfaces the same way that PHYSFS_Io allows stream implementations. This is a work in progress still. The API is still changing, and will remain at version 0 until it is finalized (a theoretical future version 1 will be for when the final public interface changes, not when we evolve the initial API design).

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Notes, separate from the license. This is not legal advice.

Versions of PhysicsFS prior to 0.1.9 are licensed under the GNU Lesser General
 Public License, which restricts you significantly more. For your own safety,
 please make sure you've got 0.1.9 or later if you plan to use physfs in a
 commercial or closed-source project.

Optional pieces of PhysicsFS may fall under other licenses, please consult
your lawyer for legal advice, which this is not...

   lzma: if you enable LZMA (7zip) support, PhysicsFS uses the lzma sdk.
         It uses the LGPL license, with exceptions for closed-source programs.
         Please see lzma/lzma.txt for details.