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All memory management now goes through allocation hooks instead of directly to C runtime malloc/realloc/free...

This is an unofficial OS X Project Builder environment to build a physfs Framework.

Built with:
physfs 0.1.9
Project Builder 2.0.1
OS X (10.2 Jaguar)

This project was created by brainlessly mimicking the SDL (Simple Direct Media 
Layer) Project Builder projects. The scripts were also shamelessly taken from 
SDL as well. There may be errors. Use at your own risk!

This project creates 2 installer packages:

- A physfs framework for development (for people who wish to link to physfs)

- A physfs framework for users (for users who run programs that used the above 

This project also builds static libraries for physfs (to build physfs and physfsc) but 
they are not installed anywhere. If you wish to use them, you will need to 
copy them out of the build directory.

Eric Wing <ewing2121@yahoo.com>