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From: Jorg Walter To: Subject: Bug in zip archiver Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 22:19:09 +0200 Hi! PhysFS has a bug in the ZIP archive module, function zip_find_start_of_dir. Upon encountering a substring match, rc is set to a wrong value. The fix is simple: swap both assignments like this: [patch below --Ed.] Some additional info for testing: Symptoms when you encounter this bug: A dir is reported as empty although it has files in it; prerequisites or encountering it: two dirs, one a substring of another, like "data/txt" and "data/txt2", laid out in a way so that variable "middle" points to a file in txt2 at some point during zip_find_start_of_dir By the way, if you're interested in where PhysFS is used: I found this bug while writing a patch for DOSBox ( to support ZIP files. And I'd love to see that enhanced PHYSFS_mount syntax in an official release soon *hint* ;);)

Initial API interface and implementation,
Unix support,
Win32 support,
BeOS support,
POSIX support,
OS/2 support,
GRP archiver,
DIR archiver,
ZIP archiver,
QPAK archiver,
MacOS Classic support:
    Ryan C. Gordon

Tons of win32 help:
    Adam Gates

More win32 hacking:
    Gregory S. Read

Fixes for missing current working directories,
PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() improvements,
other bugfixes:
    David Hedbor

Darwin support:
    Patrick Stein

configure fixes,
RPM specfile:
    Edward Rudd

GetLastModTime API,
other stuff:
    John R. Hall

Various support, fixes and suggestions:
    Alexander Pipelka

Russian translation,
Ruby bindings,
QPAK archiver:
    Ed Sinjiashvili

French translation:
    Stéphane Peter

Debian package support:
    Colin Bayer

"abs-file.h" in "extras" dir:
    Adam D. Moss

WinCE port and other Win32 patches:

German translation:
    Michael Renner

Apple Project Builder support,
MacOS X improvements:
    Eric Wing

HOG archiver,
MVL archiver,
    Bradley Bell

Bug fixes:
    Tolga Dalman

Brazillian Portuguese translation:
    Danny Angelo Carminati Grein

Spanish translation:
    Pedro J. Pérez

Mingw support:
    Matze Braun

Bug fixes:
    Jörg Walter

Other stuff:
    Your name here! Patches go to ...

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