author Ryan C. Gordon <icculus@icculus.org>
Tue, 11 Apr 2006 14:33:48 +0000
changeset 774 916c2e81e77f
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7zip support, written by Dennis Schridde, and heavily Ryanified by me.

/* 7zIn.h */

#ifndef __7Z_IN_H
#define __7Z_IN_H

#include "7zHeader.h"
#include "7zItem.h"
#include "7zAlloc.h"
typedef struct _CInArchiveInfo
  CFileSize StartPositionAfterHeader; 
  CFileSize DataStartPosition;

typedef struct _CArchiveDatabaseEx
  CArchiveDatabase Database;
  CInArchiveInfo ArchiveInfo;
  UInt32 *FolderStartPackStreamIndex;
  CFileSize *PackStreamStartPositions;
  UInt32 *FolderStartFileIndex;
  UInt32 *FileIndexToFolderIndexMap;

void SzArDbExInit(CArchiveDatabaseEx *db);
void SzArDbExFree(CArchiveDatabaseEx *db, void (*freeFunc)(void *));
CFileSize SzArDbGetFolderStreamPos(CArchiveDatabaseEx *db, UInt32 folderIndex, UInt32 indexInFolder);
CFileSize SzArDbGetFolderFullPackSize(CArchiveDatabaseEx *db, UInt32 folderIndex);

typedef struct _ISzInStream
  #ifdef _LZMA_IN_CB
  SZ_RESULT (*Read)(
      void *object,           /* pointer to ISzInStream itself */
      void **buffer,          /* out: pointer to buffer with data */
      size_t maxRequiredSize, /* max required size to read */
      size_t *processedSize); /* real processed size. 
                                 processedSize can be less than maxRequiredSize.
                                 If processedSize == 0, then there are no more 
                                 bytes in stream. */
  SZ_RESULT (*Read)(void *object, void *buffer, size_t size, size_t *processedSize);
  SZ_RESULT (*Seek)(void *object, CFileSize pos);
} ISzInStream;

int SzArchiveOpen(
    ISzInStream *inStream, 
    CArchiveDatabaseEx *db,
    ISzAlloc *allocMain, 
    ISzAlloc *allocTemp);