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android: PhysicsFS now has actual Android support. This compiled and worked on Android before, if you didn't care about PHYSFS_getBaseDir() and PHYSFS_getPrefDir() being useful. Now you can pass PHYSFS_init() some necessary Android objects to solve this. Passing NULL to PHYSFS_init is acceptable and will simply report "/" for the base dir and prefdir, under the assumption that the app queried the OS for these directly instead.

The API documentation is readable in a few ways:

- Read physfs.h; it's _heavily_ documented and the primary source of reference
  documentation for the library.
- Run Doxygen over the header, which produces nicer-to-browse documentation in
  HTML, LaTeX, manpage, etc formats. This is done for you if Doxygen is
  installed and you build the "docs" target in whatever project files CMake
  generated for you.
- Too much trouble? We generated the HTML reference for you, online here:

- We would love well-written tutorials for the latest version of PhysicsFS!
  If you write one, we would love to list it here. Drop me a line about it: ... Thanks!