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android: PhysicsFS now has actual Android support. This compiled and worked on Android before, if you didn't care about PHYSFS_getBaseDir() and PHYSFS_getPrefDir() being useful. Now you can pass PHYSFS_init() some necessary Android objects to solve this. Passing NULL to PHYSFS_init is acceptable and will simply report "/" for the base dir and prefdir, under the assumption that the app queried the OS for these directly instead.

Stuff that needs to be done and wishlist:

These are in no particular order.
Some might be dupes, some might be done already, some might be bad ideas.

From ...

- Write support for various archives. I haven't decided how to do this yet,
  but I'd like to.
- Add an API to expose a file's extended attributes to the application?
- Deprecate PHYSFS_setSaneConfig(). It really should have been in the extras
- Clean up the sources to match my ever-changing coding style. :)

From ...

- Lua bindings

From ...

- SWIG bindings

From old TODO.txt...

- Other archivers: perhaps tar(.gz|.bz2), RPM, ARJ, etc. These are less
  important, since streaming archives aren't of much value to games (which
  is why zipfiles are king: random access), but it could have uses for, say,
  an installer/updater.
- Do symlinks in zip archiver work when they point to dirs?
- Enable more warnings?
- Use __cdecl in physfs.h?
- Look for FIXMEs (many marked with "!!!" in comments).
- fscanf and fprintf support in extras dir.
- Sanity check byte order at runtime.
- Memory locking?
- General code audit.
- Multiple write dirs with mount points?

Other stuff I thought of...
- moar asserts!
- constify!
- Does iPhone work?
- Fix CMake vs Doxygen.
- Doxygen replacement? (manpages suck.)
- Fix coding standards to match.
- See if we can ditch some #include lines...
- LZMA support in zip archiver?
- bzip2 support in zip archiver?
- Reduce the BAIL and GOTO macro use. A lot of these don't add anything.
- Change the term "search path" to something less confusing.

Probably other stuff. Requests and recommendations are welcome.

// end of TODO.txt ...