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-Added optional DISABLE_NT_SUPPORT to not compile NT specific code -Not NT systems set C:\ as the profile directory. This should be changed to the basedir most likely... -Defined INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER for systems that don't have the latest platform SDK. According to MSDN doc, this should be okay.


04242002 - Updated win32 info in INSTALL to discuss Platform SDK issues.
04202002 - Added a (very) quick and (very) dirty http server to the
           extras directory (public domain), as another example of using
           the library.
04192002 - Corrected some win32 info in INSTALL. Changed Makefile to
           package releases as .tar.gz instead of .tar.bz2.
04122002 - Some win32 cleanups and fixes across several files. Upped
           version to 0.1.5.
04082002 - Fixed problem when calling __PHYSFS_setError before PHYSFS_init.
04062002 - Added MacOS info, etc to INSTALL. Patched unix.c and
           test_physfs.c to compile on Darwin again.
04052002 - Added byte ordering API. Byte ordering fixes in grp.c, and some
           cleanups in unzip.c. Mac work is more or less complete.
04042002 - Mac work continues. Almost complete, now. test_physfs now has
           tests for write, append, and filelength, and most of the
           commands can tolerate a quoted argument (although this is
           hacky, it's good enough for these purposes). Upped test_physfs
           version to 0.1.1. Added a malloc-failure check in the Unix
           CD-ROM detection code.
04032002 - PHYSFS_init always makes sure the calling thread initializes its
           error state. Win32 codebase is updated with mutex implementation
           (thanks, Greg!).
04022002 - Mac work continues. Found a bug where we put a double dir
           separator in if we had to resort to the fallback userdir (if
           __PHYSFS_platformGetUserDir() returned NULL to calculateUserDir().
           Made note of potential infinite recursion in platform driver docs.
04012002 - (_NOT_ an April Fool's Joke:) Started working on MacOS Classic
           port. Added skeleton.c to platform directory. Minor patches to
           get things compiling on Mac (notably, DirInfo conflicts with
           a type exposed by MacOS's namespace-polluting API, and some
           typecasting issues). Found a call to ferror() I had missed in
03302002 - Mutexes! PhysicsFS should be thread safe now, so long as you
           don't try to do something like close a file at the same time as
           you are reading from it in another thread. All reasonable race
           conditions should now be gone, but the new code will need some
           eyeballing before we install it on life support systems or anything.
           The mutex abstraction is implemented in unix.c, win32.c will be
           updated shortly.
03292002 - Fixed a potential problem in ZIP_realpath() and some byte order
           issues in zip.c. Converted unzip.c to use physfs file i/o
           abstractions. Converted CHANGELOG to list latest entries first.
03242002 - Added __PHYSFS_platformInit() and __PHYSFS_platformDeinit(). Win32
           improvements by Gregory S. Read. Added PHYSFS_[us]int(8|16|32)
           types...this breaks binary compatibility with previous PhysicsFS
           releases! Added platform specific i/o functions, so we don't have
           to rely on stdio anymore. Updated TODO with my comments on the
           physfs mailing list. 1.0, here we come! Removed race condition from
           grp.c and converted to file i/o abstraction layer calls from stdio.
           Tons of other fixes and enhancements.
03202002 - Patched platform/win32.c to compile.
03152002 - PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() now handles failure to set the write dir
           better. Patched makefile to link the test program. Changed all the
           "write" functions to get data from a "const" buffer. Added an
           "extras" dir, which currently contains PhysFS->SDL_RWops glue code.
03052002 - Made unix.c's timeslice implementation more portable, and added a
           Darwin-specific means to detect CDs (thanks to Patrick Stein).
           Minor cleanup in win32.c (changed "for (; condition ;)" into
           "while (condition)" ...)
11142001 - Removed a redundant error check in platform/win32.c
10092001 - Syntax fixes in dir.c, a FIXME in grp.c, and a "cat" command in
           the test program. Apparently I had accidentally removed a rather
           crucial line from dir.c a few revisions ago, and no one noticed. :(
           Fixed. The win32 userdir will default to the base dir, now.
09252001 - Changed API: PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() takes an organization name, and
           sets up less directories. Be warned. Fixes from David Hedbor:
           make setSaneConfig() set write directory correctly if it had to
           create the directory, and make sure that the writing functions
           get used in dir.c when a file is opened for writing/appending.
           Updated CREDITS.
09142001 - David Hedbor submitted a patch to handle a case where the
           current working directory has been deleted out from under the
           process (both in platform/unix.c and physfs.c itself). Thanks,
           David! Added a CREDITS file. Changed the format of the author field
           in PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo to put the email address between "<>" instead
           of "()" chars. Updated TODO. make install now deletes previous
           revisions of the library. Changed version to 0.1.4.
09012001 - Happy September. Moved the Visual C project files and the zlib
           source to a separate download. Look for it at
           Updated the INSTALL doc for Win32 building. Rewrote win32.c's
           __PHYSFS_platformRealPath() to not rely on Visual C's runtime lib,
           which was the last Cygwin incompatibility (although the Makefile
           needs to be updated to build a DLL under Cygwin). Tinkered with the
           Makefile a little, but it needs more work. Started working on a
           MacOS version. All I have is CodeWarrior 4, which is way out of
           date, and (for what is supposed to be an ultra-user-friendly
           environment) is completely uninituitive to me. Still, managed to
           get most everything compiling, which improved the quality of the
           code somewhat). Haven't tried to compile the zipfile support, and
           I still can't link the library. Dunno what the hell I'm supposed
           to do there. Isn't Unix supposed to be hard compared to this?
08312001 - Built PhysicsFS on Mandrake 8.0 for the PowerPC. Compiles clean,
           but there's at least one byte-ordering issue in zip.c that needs
           to be fixed.
08292001 - win32.c calculates the base dir with GetModuleFileName() first, now,
           and falls back to SearchPath() if there were problems. Changed an
           occurence of _MAX_PATH to MAX_PATH, so both CygWin and Visual C can
           handle it.
08282001 - win32.c now checks HOMEDRIVE, HOMEPATH, and HOME when calculating
           the userdir. Added include files that make it a little closer to
           compiling under Cygwin. Added a TODO file. Fixed unix.c's
           __PHYSFS_platformCalcBaseDir() so that it actually works. Fixed
           Makefile so that it links the test program properly.
           Changed version to 0.1.3.
08232001 - Fixed a potential free()ing of a NULL pointer in
           __PHYSFS_platformEnumerateFiles() in platform/unix.c. Added
           platform/win32.c. Other cleanups to get this compiling with
           Visual C and CygWin. Added BAIL_MACRO for times when we were doing
           BAIL_IF_MACRO(1, ...). Abstracted mkdir() in the platform drivers.
           Added GRP setting output to showcfg in the Makefile. Updated INSTALL
           with license info and Win32 build instructions. Dependency on the
           readline library in test_physfs.c is now optional.
           Changed version to 0.1.2.
08072001 - Changed version to 0.1.1.
08062001 - Added CD-ROM detection code to the unix platform driver.
08012001 - Added a safety memset in error setting, fixed URLs and email addr.
07282001 - Initial release.

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