author Gregory S. Read <>
Mon, 06 May 2002 03:26:10 +0000
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-Added optional DISABLE_NT_SUPPORT to not compile NT specific code -Not NT systems set C:\ as the profile directory. This should be changed to the basedir most likely... -Defined INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER for systems that don't have the latest platform SDK. According to MSDN doc, this should be okay.

Initial API interface and implementation,
GRP driver,
DIR driver,
Unix support,
Initial Win32 support,
ZIP driver,
MacOS Classic support:
    Ryan C. Gordon

Tons of win32 help:
    Adam Gates

More win32 hacking:
    Gregory S. Read

Fixes for missing current working directories,
PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() improvements,
other bugfixes,
    David Hedbor

Darwin support,
    Patrick Stein

Other stuff:
    Your name here! Patches go to ...

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