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04032007 - Added a "make dist" target for packing up source code releases.
           Reverted Unix recursive mutex code. There were some portability
           issues I didn't anticipate. Upped version to 1.1.1!
04022007 - Added wxWidgets-based test program (incomplete). Filled in and
           corrected some Doxygen comments.
04012007 - Added PHYSFS_isInit() and PHYSFS_symbolicLinksPermitted() functions.
03312007 - Added a quick'n'dirty unpack utility to the extras directory. Moved
           DIR archiver to start of the list, so we don't have to have every
           other archiver fail to open a directory as a file before mounting
           it. Fixed typos in makeos2.cmd and the Doxygen comments. Added
           symlink support to windows.c for use on Vista-based systems.
03282007 - Logic bug in MVL/HOG/GRP archivers: only enumerated files when
           looking in a directory other than the root, instead of enumerating
           only for the root (thanks, Chris!). Minor fix for compilers that
           don't like the BAIL_* macros with an empty argument
           (thanks, Chris!)
03262007 - Tons of Unicode work in windows.c ... should now use UCS-2 on
           NT/XP/Vista/etc versions of the OS, and fallback to "ANSI" versions
           for 95/98/ME, tapdancing around the system codepage if it has to.
           Since the Unicode entry points are dynamically loaded, it won't
           have issues with missing symbols on Win9x, nor does it need to be
           built separately with #define UNICODE (although it will work the
           same with or without this define, as it doesn't use TCHARs or
           the non-[WA] versions of APIs. Other minor Windows cleanups and
03252007 - Improved dynamic loader and initial Unicode work in windows.c ...
03242007 - Replaced BeOS semaphores with BLockers for the mutex implementation.
           It's much simpler, it has "benaphores" built in behind the scenes
           for faster performance, and it's recursive...also, we were
           previously setting the PhysicsFS error state if BeOS mutex grabbing
           failed (a big no no!), and that's now fixed. Good wins all around.
03222007 - Replaced some Malloc and all the alloca() calls with
           __PHYSFS_smallAlloc(), which will stack allocate small (128 or
           less bytes) blocks and Malloc the rest...naturally these now have
           to be paired with __PHYSFS_smallFree() calls, so you can't be as
           lazy as a basic alloca() would let you be. The benefit is both less
           malloc pressure for those temporary allocations and better stack
           overflow safety (so if some jerk tries to push a 78 megabyte string
           through the library as a filename, we won't try to strcpy it to
           the stack). Hopefully some internal interfaces can now get
           refactored to stop generating heap pointers and let the caller use
           smallAlloc to further reduce malloc pressure.
03212007 - Replaced LONGLONGLITERAL with __PHYSFS_UI64/__PHYSFS_SI64 ...
03202007 - Removed platform/skeleton.c (it was out of date), added
           platform/macosx.c (To further Macify the code and get the #ifdefs
           out of unix.c), and refactored the platform layer to try and
           make the unix/posix/macosx/beos sources try to find a split that
           works. Moved the platform allocators to physfs.c, since all but
           Mac OS X were using malloc()...there's now an interface for the
           platform to supply a custom allocator if they don't want the malloc
           version. Removed __PHYSFS_platformTimeslice(), as it's no longer
           being used. Replaced manual management of pthread mutexes with
           PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE attribute...let's see what platforms
           throw up on that. Handled documentation comment FIXME in physfs.h.
03192007 - Fixed two switched strings in CMakeLists.txt ... patch to compile
           with latest Windows Platform SDK. Explicitly check for NULL in
           PHYSFS_init() when we can't go on without a real string here.
           Removed ANSI-C workaround for missing lstat() nonsense in posix.c
           (POSIX != ANSI, time to give up here). Try to use /proc/self/exe
           to find the base dir on Unix, so we can do without argv[0] on
           systems with a Linux-like /proc filesystem.
03162007 - Changed PHYSFS_file from a typedef to a #define (in case it would
           cause an aggressive compiler to think you're passing the wrong type
           to a function) and added Doxygen comments to explain it.
03152007 - Bunch of work on Unicode...added case-folding stricmp, removed
           platform-specific stricmp implementations, changed appropriate
           calls to an ASCII-only stricmp that ignores locale. Fixed case on
           UTF-8 API entry points.
03142007 - Dropped classic Mac OS support. It's just too hard to find a working
           Mac OS 9 install and reasonable development tools, so it's not
           worth it. If you still target OS 8 or 9, please use PhysicsFS 1.0.
03112007 - Removed zlib_license_change.txt ... it's in Subversion and the 1.0
           branch for history's sake. Added shared and static build options
           to CMakeLists.txt, and the expected "make install" target.
           Renamed some FILENAME files to FILENAME.txt, removed physfs.rc.
           Now compiles everything whether we need it or not, removing whole
           files with #ifdefs...this will make it easier to "embed" this
           library in other projects or use a different build system: just
           push everything through the compiler with preprocessor defines for
           the parts you want/need...platform modules are determined
           automatically without the build system needing to intervene, so you
           just have to #define the archivers, etc that you want.
           Updated makeos2.cmd for newer Innotek toolchain (thanks, Dave!)
03082007 - Fixed a comment in physfs.h. Renamed win32.c to windows.c.
           Cleaned up whitespace/formatting in pocketpc.c. Updated PocketPC
           code to expect UTF-8 strings from the higher level. Changed
           PHYSFS_SUPPORTS_LZMA to PHYSFS_SUPPORTS_7Z. Killed some #ifdefs
           in physfs.c. Moved to long, autotools! Killed MIX
           archiver, too.
11052006 - More 7zip archiver work (thanks, Dennis!). Initial Unicode work.
           Minor BeOS realpath tweak.
09272006 - Reworked 7zip archiver (thanks, Dennis!).
09232006 - Fixed typo in doxygen comment.
04112006 - Added LZMA archiver...7zip support (thanks, Dennis!).
03232006 - Added -fvisibility for gcc4 (
01012006 - Cleaned up overflow checks in platform memory allocators (thanks to
           Nicolas Lebedenco for pointing out the original issue with
           long long literals). Added physfs.rc (thanks, Dennis!). Changed my
           email address. Removed acconfig.h.
11282005 - Corrected docs on PHYSFS_setWriteDir().
10122005 - Fixed locateInStringList() in physfs.c (thanks, Matze!). Patched
           archivers/wad.c to compile.
09192005 - Make unix mutexes recursive above pthread layer...fixes deadlock on
           MacOS X, for now.
09182005 - API BREAKAGE: PHYSFS_enumerateFilesCallback() now passes the
           original directory name back to the app in the callback. This
           API was only in 1.1.0, and wasn't promised to be stable at this
           point. Please update your apps! Cleaned out a FIXME in file
           enumeration that would confuse the library under certain
09092005 - Some tweaks to PHYSFS_Allocator. Apparently doesn't
           work like I thought for version bumps, so it thinks 1.1.0 isn't
           binary compatible with 1.0...fixed, I think.
09062005 - Happy September. Changed the allocation abstraction to use
           PHYSFS_uint64 instead of size_t, so we don't have to include
           system headers inside physfs.h. Minor MingW fixes (but it's still
           broken, I think).
08202005 - Fixed bug in verifyPath() that was breaking PHYSFS_setSaneConfig()
           and other corner cases.
07242005 - Patched to compile on BeOS.
07232005 - Fixed bug in zip archiver (thanks, Jörg Walter!).
           More minor OS/2 tweaks. Updated zlib to 1.2.3, which properly
           includes the security fix. Fixed "make dist" to handle .svn dirs
           and other file changes. Removed "debian" directory. Allow a mount
           point of NULL to be "/", per the documentation. Fixed warning in
           physfs.c. Assert definition fix. Updated CWProjects.sit.
           Upped version to 1.1.0 ... first release of 1.1 dev branch!
07212005 - Patched to compile on OS/2 again.
07132005 - Updated zlib to 1.2.2, and patched it for this security hole:
06122005 - Added support for mingw to Unix build process (thanks, Matze!).
03162005 - Added missing translation and Portuguese support (thanks, Danny!).
           MPW support and several MacOS Classic fixes (thanks, Chris!).
           Changed CWProjects from SITX to SIT format, so OS9 users can
           unpack it.
03132005 - More mount work, added PHYSFS_getMountPoint() and more cleanups.
           Replaced all the C runtime allocations with PhysFS allocation hooks.
           Added pocketpc.c to EXTRA_DIST. Added allocation hooks to some
           platform drivers. Updated Mac Classic build.
03122005 - Added evil GOTO_*_MACRO_* macros. Fixed unix.c to compile again on
           MacOS X. Added PHYSFS_mount() (thanks, Philip!). Cleaned up the
           INSTALL and CREDITS files a little. Split off start of
           verifySecurity() into a path sanitizer and changed entry points to
           sanitize input paths into a stack-allocated buffer before further
           processing. This removes the need for a malloc() for almost all
           file system operations, and generally cleaned things up. Added a
           "mount" command to test_physfs. Other general cleanups.
02152005 - Minor comment fix in platform/pocketpc.c
01052005 - Fixed HOG archiver file lookup (thanks, Chris!)
12162004 - Fixed some documentation/header comment typos (thanks, Gaetan!)
10302004 - Fixed a strcpy that should have been a strcat. (thanks, Tolga!)
           Build system respects external CFLAGS now. (thanks, Adam!)
           Fixed infinite loop in new enumeration code. (thanks, Adam!)
10062004 - Removed profiling code from physfs.c.
09292004 - Every API that can return a list of strings can now use a
           callback mechanism if the application wants to do it's own
           allocation or handling on a per-item basis. The guts of those
           APIs that create string lists now use the callbacks themselves to
           build the lists, too. The callback functionality goes all the way
           down to the archivers and platform drivers where appropriate, which
           cleans things up and simplifies some internal tasks very nicely.
           Got rid of all the annoying forward declarations in all the
           archivers and moved their PHYSFS_Archiver data to the end of the
           file, since this was annoying me and I was getting sick of updating
           function signatures in two places when the internal API changed.
           Removed the code/data for isn't used anymore
           now that the callback code is in place.
09262004 - Did the same thing to FileHandles than I did to DirHandles, but
           this triggered massive tweaking in physfs.c. A lot of code got
           little cleanups, which was nice. Less malloc pressure, too, since
           opening a file used to allocate a ton of crap and mush it
  it's basically down to one structure and the
           instance data in whatever archiver. Minor varname tweak in win32.c
           and pocketpc.c. Changed PHYSFS_file to PHYSFS_File to match the
           rest of the API's naming scheme (but put a typedef for source
09252004 - Cleaned up archiver interface to not deal with DirHandles anymore,
           which simplifies things, removes some responsibility and code
           duplication from the archivers, and trims some malloc pressure.
           Ripped up the allocation hook code a little. We'll try to screw
           with memory locking later, since it makes everything ugly and
           complex. Oh well.
09232004 - Started adding allocation hooks.
09222004 - Happy September. Added Spanish translation back in.
04092004 - Added MIX support for legacy Westwood titles (Thanks, Sebastian!).
           Made bootstrap script MacOSX-friendly. Moved byteorder defines into
           physfs_internal.h ...
01152003 - Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation (Thanks, Danny!)

--- This is where the 1.1 development branch starts. ---

12292003 - Updated CodeWarrior projects from CW6 to CW7, and made a bunch of
           patches to get the Mac Classic target building again. Removed
           zlib114 from CVS repository. Updated OS/2 build batch file.
           Added Z_PREFIX define to Unix builds that use internal zlib.
           Patched up some (outdated?) Visual C project files for zlib121.
           Patched Doxyfile and physfs.h for newer Doxygen. Fixed OS/2
           build script. Tweaked Project Builder files to at least compile.
           Added some last minute BeOS and Cygwin build fixes. Updated
           Visual Studio projects and tweaked some crap. Made
           changes so Visual Studio files would pack with DOS endlines and...
           Upped version to 1.0.0 (woohoo!).
12222003 - Fixed a search-and-replace mistake in win32.c that preventing
           compiling on Windows. (thanks, Brian!) Converted VC6 .dsp to use
           zlib121; made Z_PREFIX=1 enabled by default to avoid link clashes;
           put zlib files in separate logical folder in .dsp project; updated
           zlib121/zconf.h to address remaining symbols that were still
           causing link warnings.
12182003 - WAD archiver now puts maps into subdirectories, making them
           accessible to the application. (Thanks, Travis!) RPM spec and
 * now package zlib_license_change.txt (Thanks, Edward!)
12142003 - Added Doom WAD support (Thanks, Travis!)
12082003 - Fixed some win32.c deficiencies that Robby Dermody pointed
           out (thanks!)
12072003 - Upgraded internal zlib to 1.2.1 (thanks, Adam!) Other
           Unix build fixes.
11112003 - Patches to make OS/2 support compile again.
11092003 - Added __PHYSFS_platformStrnicmp(), and made qpak.c case-insensitive.
09122003 - Happy September. Actually released current tree as 0.1.9.
08262003 - Added MiNT support to build process and fixed cross-compiling
           (thanks Patrice Mandin!)
08092003 - Some Windows build fixes (thanks, Brian Hook!)
07232003 - Upped version to 0.1.9.
07202003 - Switched to zlib license (see new LICENSE text in root of source
           tree, and zlib_license_switch.txt for details). Had to remove
           archivers/qpak.c, the Ruby bindings from the extras directory, and
           the Russian and Spanish translations, since those contributors
           couldn't be contacted. If they show up, we'll readd them to the
           project, otherwise we'll eventually replace their work...everyone
           else signed on for the change. Committed a patch to convert all
           tabs to spaces (Thanks, James!). Added patch to zip.c to fix
           crash (thanks, dillo!). Reimplmented qpak.c, by welding together
           bits of grp.c and zip.c. Ed contacted me, so I could readd his
           contributions post-license change...I'm going to keep the new
           qpak.c, but I've readded his Ruby bindings and Russian translations.
06112003 - Patches to globbing.c to handle corner cases (thanks, Bradley!).
06102003 - Added globbing.c to "extras" directory.
05232003 - Rewrote MacOSX/Darwin CD-ROM detection code to use IOKit, which is
           much much more accurate than the previous code. Updated
  and for some MacOSX stuff.
05222003 - Fixed win32 crash if PHYSFS_init() is called with a NULL.
05182003 - PocketPC fixes (thanks, David Hedbor!)
05162003 - Compiler warning cleanup in HOG and MVL archivers (Thanks, Bradley!)
04082003 - Minor changes to extras/abs-file.h (Thanks, Adam!)
03302003 - Fixed seeking in uncompressed ZIP entries, and handle a
           misbehaviour in Java's JAR creation tools. Thanks to "Tree" for
           pointing these bugs out. Added HOG and MVL archive support for
           Descent I and II (Thanks, Bradley Bell!). Added example code to
           do case-insensitive file searches ("extras/ignorecase.*").
03192003 - Fixed problem in PHYSFS_mkdir() when dirs to be created already
           exist. Fixed problem where PHYSFS_mkdir() incorrectly tripped an
           alarm in __PHYSFS_verifySecurity().
03122003 - Attempt at cleaning up some type correctness for VC++6. Made QPAK
           archiver case-insensitive (since Quake2 has problems without it).
01302003 - Added buffering API to OS/2 build's exported symbol list. Updated
           CWProjects.sit and made several fixes to get physfs building on
           MacOS Classic again.
01282003 - Fixed seeking in buffered files opened for read.
01072003 - .NET assembly and C# wrapper by Gregory S. Read in the extras dir.
01042003 - Added a hack for dealing with OSX bundles and newer PBProjects
           (thanks, Eric Wing!). Added some missing files to "make dist".
           Fixed minor Doxygen typo in PHYSFS_flush() docs. Upped version to
12172002 - Added Apple Project Builder support files (thanks, Eric Wing!).
12112002 - Added Ruby bindings to extras directory (thanks, Ed Sinjiashvili!).
           Patched win32.c to compile with Mingw32 (thanks, Niels Wagenaar!).
12032002 - Adam updated his extras/abs-file.h for the new buffering API.
12022002 - German translation added, compliments of Michael Renner.
12012002 - Minor fix to reported --enable-debug's default
           setting incorrectly. Added buffering to the API: you can now
           buffer a file with PHYSFS_setBuffer(), and flush the buffer to
           disk with PHYSFS_flush(). PhysicsFS file handles are unbuffered
           by default (as they were before this API addition), so this does
           not break the API. Other fixes for bugs I stumbled upon during
           this work are in CVS, too.
11292002 - Minor fix for strange PATH strings in unix.c (thanks, Alexander!)
11222002 - Initial PocketPC port by Corona688.
10222002 - Fixed segfault in test_physfs.c when user hits CTRL-D (and
           readline() thus returns NULL) gracefully exits, as it should.
10142002 - Added check for AMD's x86-64 ("Hammer") architecture when
           determining platform byte order.
10112002 - Fixed "setsaneconfig" command in test_physfs.c ...
09232002 - Happy September. Updated VC++6 project files, fixed some
           VC++ compile nags (more work to be done in zip.c).
08302002 - Cleaned tab stops out of zip.c, and fixed a possible infinite loop
           in zip_find_entry().
08292002 - Fixed a mistake in makeos2.cmd, and updated the INSTALL docs.
           Added to EXTRA_DIST in*
08292002 - Added a physfs/stdio wrapper header to the "extras" dir,
           compliments of Adam D. Moss (file is "abs-file.h").
08282002 - Cleanups in grp.c so that Visual C++ doesn't complain anymore.
           zip.c now works correctly when PhysicsFS is disallowing symlinks.
           A few minor optimizations in zip.c, with a few more to come later.
           Added VS.NET project files to CVS.
08222002 - Fixed ZIP_exists() to work with directories. Now breaks out of
           __PHYSFS_verifySecurity() early if a path element is missing
           (since all the others will be, too)...this check is only done
           if symlinks are disabled, but we might as well save easy cycles
           where we can.
08212002 - Did a couple tedious-for-small-rewards cleanups, optimizations,
           corrections and streamlinings I've been meaning to do. Touched a
           lot of code. One of the side results is that ZIP_isDirectory()
           got fixed.
08192002 - Generalized sorting routines, moved them into physfs.c and removed
           the multiple copies from the various archivers. Adding profiling
           code (currently only for sort routines)...enable it with
           --enable-profiling in the configure script. Fixed incorrect
           behaviours in
08172002 - Patched to work around buggy autoconfs.
08162002 - Fixed QPAK archiver, since I broke it (sorry!). Also fixed a
           qpak memory leak.
08092002 - Added Quake PAK archiver (qpak.c) by Ed Sinjiashvili. Thanks!
           Made (successful?) attempt to fix pthread-to-ui64 cast problem.
           Check for OS/2 in, in case anyone gets autoconf and
           such to work right on their OS/2 box.
08012002 - Patched win32.c to compile.
07302002 - Minor error handling fix (thanks, Alexander!)
07292002 - Found some memory leaks, thanks to Valgrind (which rules, btw).
           Added Russian translations (koi8-r, cp1251, cp866, and iso-8859-5)
           by Ed Sinjiashvili. Added Spanish translation by Pedro J. Pérez.
           Debian package support in CVS, thanks to Colin Bayer. French
           translation by Stéphane Peter.
07282002 - macclassic.c now returns human readable error messages instead of
           ERR_OS_ERROR. Closing files on MacOS no longer fails if the volume
           info can't be flushed. Minor error message tweak in os2.c. All
           possible human-readable literal strings (including all those OS/2
           and MacOS error messages) have moved to constants in
           physfs_internal.h...this allows the library to be translated to
           other spoken languages fairly easily.
07272002 - Patched the OS/2 code to be pretty well, now. Added
           makeos2.cmd for building (not an ideal solution, but oh well).
           Initialized some variables in zip.c to prevent compiler whining.
07262002 - Fixed a typo in documentation. Archivers with matching file
           extensions are now given first shot at opening an archive, but if
           they fail, the other archivers are tried. More fixes to zip.c's
           ZIP_enumerateFiles(). Wrote an OS/2 platform driver based on API
           specs and a heavy pounding of Google I don't have an
           OS/2 compiler at the moment, it probably doesn't even compile.  :)
07252002 - and unix.c now deal with platforms that lack a
           functional pthread library. Edward Rudd sent in a patch to the RPM
           specfile to have the build system set the correct version.
           Clean ups in grp.c, beos.cpp and macclassic.c.
07242002 - Rewrote ZIP_enumerate(). Hopefully it sucks less this time.
           unix.c and now have the infrastructure to disable
           the CD-ROM detection code, and use a stub that successfully (and
           unconditionally) reports no detected discs. Currently this is
           used on AtheOS (which doesn't have CD-ROM support at the moment
           anyhow), but it will be useful to get the library up on odd,
           Unix-like systems that don't use either getmntinfo() or getmntent().
07232002 - Cleaned up the cut-and-pastes in the various file enumeration
           routines and moved it into __PHYSFS_addToLinkedStringList().
           Tons more ZIP file enhancing. I'm fairly certain it's robust and
           fast in every reasonable respect, now. GRP archiver now caches
           the file was generally overhauled like the ZIP driver.
           Added "ls" as an alias of "enumerate" in test_physfs.
           I lied about zip.c's robustness; disabled the enumeration code.
07212002 - More FreeBSD build system patches. Added some new autoconf spew to
           .cvsignore. bootstrap now copies the appropriate
           instead of rename()ing it.
07192002 - Cleaned up and unix.c so that we check by available
           header to determine the appropriate CD-ROM detection code...this
           should make this more future-proof (and probably get it building
           out of the box on other BSD platforms.)
07172002 - Fixed seeking backwards in ZIP_seek(). Changed the error message
           ERR_TOO_MANY_SYMLINKS to ERR_SYMLINK_LOOP. Patches to build system
           and unix.c for FreeBSD compatibility. Added physfs.spec to
           "make dist" archives (thanks, Edward Rudd!).
07152002 - Symlinks in ZIP archives are detected correctly now, I think.
07142002 - Use GetVolumeInformation() instead of GetDiskFreeSpace() in
           win32.c's mediaInDrive() function. This allows Windows NT 3.x to
           correctly detect CD-ROM drives. Library now appears to be fully
           functional on WinNT 3.51...need to try NT 3.1 still.  :)
           Patches to new ZIP code; cleaned up bugs in symlink reading code,
           but we incorrectly identify some entries as symlinks, which doesn't
           fly...for now, symlink code is commented out, so symlinks look
           like regular files (and reading from a symlink entry gives you
           the link as file data).
07122002 - Rewrote the ZIP archiver to no longer use Gilles Vollant's unzip.c
           code. Losing that abstraction should make the ZIP archiver
           significantly more efficient, and halved the amount of code used.
           Plus, being a control freak, I like my coding style more than
           Gilles's. :)  There are still bugs to shake out, but this is good
07112002 - updated to make it happier on newer autoconfs
           (thanks again, Alexander!). FIXME cleanups.
07102002 - Added a byteorder-friendly convenience API, so you can read/write
           data and convert to the native byteorder without too much effort.
           Upped version to 0.1.7.
           Build system corrections for BeOS and Cygwin (thanks, Alexander!).
           Added RPM specfile for PhysicsFS (thanks, Edward Rudd!).
06292002 - Fixed incorrect error message when opening a file for read without
           defining a search path. LOTS of win32 updates and fixes; lots of
           things that were broken work now, and we are slowly becoming
           more compatible with legacy win32 systems. Builds on Cygwin again.
           All platform drivers (except beos.cpp) had a buffer overflow when
           detecting mounted CD-ROM only occurs when a drive is
           detected, and it probably won't result in your box getting rooted,
           but upgrade soon anyhow. Readded the .cvsignore files from the old
           build system.
06282002 - Reworked build system _AGAIN_.
06222002 - Alexander Pipelka spotted a bug in the file open routines in
           posix.c; patched.
06152002 - Autoconf build system will now generate shared libraries on BeOS,
           and (supposedly) Cygwin.
06142002 - Rewrote autoconf build system. It now works around the MacOS X bug
           that prevented shared libraries from building.
06112002 - Updated CodeWarrior projects and added them to CVS. _Finally_
           officially released 0.1.6.
06102002 - Major overhauls to platform/win32.c ... should work on all Windows
           platforms, including 95/98/ME and NT/2K/XP flavors. Someone should
           see if this builds on WinCE!  :)  You no longer need the latest
           platform SDK to build it, either; the questionable DLL is accessed
           with LoadLibrary() at runtime now, and handled if not present. This
           now builds correctly on a freshly installed Visual Studio 6.0, and
           the DLL it builds works everywhere. Plus, a bunch of other bugs
           and incorrect behaviours were squashed. Visual Studio 6.0 project
           file added to CVS.
06082002 - Fixes to __PHYSFS_platformEnumerateFiles() in win32.c: cleaned up
           memory leak, handles paths more robustly, and prevents possible
           skipped file entries. Removed AC_C_CONST and AC_TYPE_SIZE_T checks
           from (not needed, and they broke BeOS build). Clean
           out the docs/ directory when doing a "make dist". Fixed crashbug
           when calling PHYSFS_deinit() more than once in a row. Tried to get
           MacOS X to build a shared library, gave up; I'm doing something
           wrong in my, I think. On MacOS X, running ./configure
           --enable-static --disable-shared works, though. Hopefully someone
           will fix this soon. In unix.c, the Darwin version of
           __PHYSFS_platformDetectAvailableCDs() was free()ing a static
           buffer; fixed.
06072002 - Manpages! Finally installed Doxygen and scratched together a
           Doxyfile. After some revision to physfs.h, we've got a rather
           nice API reference.
06062002 - Fixed __PHYSFS_platformSeek() in archivers/posix.c. Implemented the
           getLastModTime method in archivers/zip.c (returns legitimate info)
           and archivers/grp.c (returns lastmodtime of GRPfile itself in the
           physical filesystem). Put a 64-bit _llseek() version of the seek()
           and tell() methods in platform/posix.c, but you need to hack (or
           rather, fix) to enable it. From Greg on win32.c: Fixed
           file enumerator function (needed a wildcard '*' specification), CD
           enumeration only reports CDs that have media, getLastModTime() has
           been implemented.
06012002 - Added -Wall to debug builds. Removed ANSI stdio calls from
           platform/posix.c, and replaced them with actual POSIX calls (that
           is, fopen() became open(), fseek() became lseek(), etc...)
05272002 - Added some explicit casts when calling malloc() in platform/posix.c
05252002 - Added John Hall's file modification time patch, and added a
           getlastmodtime command to test_physfs. Corrected error reporting
           for missing files a little bit. Changed build system to only try
           building beos.cpp if on a BeOS system (since we need a C++ compiler
           available to do so). Implemented getLastModTime in macclassic.c.
05242002 - Upped version to 0.1.6 (not officially released yet).
05232002 - Fixed the build system to always package the complete source, not
           just what we built for a given system, when doing a "make dist".
           Updated INSTALL. Wrote BeOS platform code (platform/beos.cpp).
           Split unix.c into unix.c and posix.c. Linux and BeOS both share
           posix.c, although I don't think it's completely POSIX compliant at
           this point (not that it matters much).
05212002 - Cleaned up some FIXMEs.
05202002 - Added .cvsignore files.
05162002 - Edward Rudd also caught an embarrassing screwup by me in
           unix.c: the open-for-append call was using "wb+" instead of
           "ab" when calling fopen(). Doh!
05152002 - configure script now deals with systems that have a readline
           lib, but require it to be linked with curses. Thanks to Edward
           Rudd for the patch.
05102002 - A trimmed-down zlib 1.1.4 is now included in the source distro, for
           use by win32, MacOS, and Unix systems that don't have it installed
           on the system. Autoconf support! Initial attempt at this. Lots of
           stuff may be very broken.
05082002 - From Greg: More win32 work. Library is now 95% functional on win32.
           Only known win32 problem is that the CD drives are reported whether
           they contain a disc or not).
05062002 - From Greg: Win32 boxes without the latest Platform SDK can now
           #define DISABLE_NT_SUPPORT. Other fixes.
04242002 - Updated win32 info in INSTALL to discuss Platform SDK issues.
04202002 - Added a (very) quick and (very) dirty http server to the
           extras directory (public domain), as another example of using
           the library.
04192002 - Corrected some win32 info in INSTALL. Changed Makefile to
           package releases as .tar.gz instead of .tar.bz2.
04122002 - Some win32 cleanups and fixes across several files. Upped
           version to 0.1.5.
04082002 - Fixed problem when calling __PHYSFS_setError before PHYSFS_init.
04062002 - Added MacOS info, etc to INSTALL. Patched unix.c and
           test_physfs.c to compile on Darwin again.
04052002 - Added byte ordering API. Byte ordering fixes in grp.c, and some
           cleanups in unzip.c. Mac work is more or less complete.
04042002 - Mac work continues. Almost complete, now. test_physfs now has
           tests for write, append, and filelength, and most of the
           commands can tolerate a quoted argument (although this is
           hacky, it's good enough for these purposes). Upped test_physfs
           version to 0.1.1. Added a malloc-failure check in the Unix
           CD-ROM detection code.
04032002 - PHYSFS_init always makes sure the calling thread initializes its
           error state. Win32 codebase is updated with mutex implementation
           (thanks, Greg!).
04022002 - Mac work continues. Found a bug where we put a double dir
           separator in if we had to resort to the fallback userdir (if
           __PHYSFS_platformGetUserDir() returned NULL to calculateUserDir().
           Made note of potential infinite recursion in platform driver docs.
04012002 - (_NOT_ an April Fool's Joke:) Started working on MacOS Classic
           port. Added skeleton.c to platform directory. Minor patches to
           get things compiling on Mac (notably, DirInfo conflicts with
           a type exposed by MacOS's namespace-polluting API, and some
           typecasting issues). Found a call to ferror() I had missed in
03302002 - Mutexes! PhysicsFS should be thread safe now, so long as you
           don't try to do something like close a file at the same time as
           you are reading from it in another thread. All reasonable race
           conditions should now be gone, but the new code will need some
           eyeballing before we install it on life support systems or anything.
           The mutex abstraction is implemented in unix.c, win32.c will be
           updated shortly.
03292002 - Fixed a potential problem in ZIP_realpath() and some byte order
           issues in zip.c. Converted unzip.c to use physfs file i/o
           abstractions. Converted CHANGELOG to list latest entries first.
03242002 - Added __PHYSFS_platformInit() and __PHYSFS_platformDeinit(). Win32
           improvements by Gregory S. Read. Added PHYSFS_[us]int(8|16|32)
           types...this breaks binary compatibility with previous PhysicsFS
           releases! Added platform specific i/o functions, so we don't have
           to rely on stdio anymore. Updated TODO with my comments on the
           physfs mailing list. 1.0, here we come! Removed race condition from
           grp.c and converted to file i/o abstraction layer calls from stdio.
           Tons of other fixes and enhancements.
03202002 - Patched platform/win32.c to compile.
03152002 - PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() now handles failure to set the write dir
           better. Patched makefile to link the test program. Changed all the
           "write" functions to get data from a "const" buffer. Added an
           "extras" dir, which currently contains PhysFS->SDL_RWops glue code.
03052002 - Made unix.c's timeslice implementation more portable, and added a
           Darwin-specific means to detect CDs (thanks to Patrick Stein).
           Minor cleanup in win32.c (changed "for (; condition ;)" into
           "while (condition)" ...)
11142001 - Removed a redundant error check in platform/win32.c
10092001 - Syntax fixes in dir.c, a FIXME in grp.c, and a "cat" command in
           the test program. Apparently I had accidentally removed a rather
           crucial line from dir.c a few revisions ago, and no one noticed. :(
           Fixed. The win32 userdir will default to the base dir, now.
09252001 - Changed API: PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() takes an organization name, and
           sets up less directories. Be warned. Fixes from David Hedbor:
           make setSaneConfig() set write directory correctly if it had to
           create the directory, and make sure that the writing functions
           get used in dir.c when a file is opened for writing/appending.
           Updated CREDITS.
09142001 - David Hedbor submitted a patch to handle a case where the
           current working directory has been deleted out from under the
           process (both in platform/unix.c and physfs.c itself). Thanks,
           David! Added a CREDITS file. Changed the format of the author field
           in PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo to put the email address between "<>" instead
           of "()" chars. Updated TODO. make install now deletes previous
           revisions of the library. Changed version to 0.1.4.
09012001 - Happy September. Moved the Visual C project files and the zlib
           source to a separate download. Look for it at
           Updated the INSTALL doc for Win32 building. Rewrote win32.c's
           __PHYSFS_platformRealPath() to not rely on Visual C's runtime lib,
           which was the last Cygwin incompatibility (although the Makefile
           needs to be updated to build a DLL under Cygwin). Tinkered with the
           Makefile a little, but it needs more work. Started working on a
           MacOS version. All I have is CodeWarrior 4, which is way out of
           date, and (for what is supposed to be an ultra-user-friendly
           environment) is completely uninituitive to me. Still, managed to
           get most everything compiling, which improved the quality of the
           code somewhat). Haven't tried to compile the zipfile support, and
           I still can't link the library. Dunno what the hell I'm supposed
           to do there. Isn't Unix supposed to be hard compared to this?
08312001 - Built PhysicsFS on Mandrake 8.0 for the PowerPC. Compiles clean,
           but there's at least one byte-ordering issue in zip.c that needs
           to be fixed.
08292001 - win32.c calculates the base dir with GetModuleFileName() first, now,
           and falls back to SearchPath() if there were problems. Changed an
           occurence of _MAX_PATH to MAX_PATH, so both CygWin and Visual C can
           handle it.
08282001 - win32.c now checks HOMEDRIVE, HOMEPATH, and HOME when calculating
           the userdir. Added include files that make it a little closer to
           compiling under Cygwin. Added a TODO file. Fixed unix.c's
           __PHYSFS_platformCalcBaseDir() so that it actually works. Fixed
           Makefile so that it links the test program properly.
           Changed version to 0.1.3.
08232001 - Fixed a potential free()ing of a NULL pointer in
           __PHYSFS_platformEnumerateFiles() in platform/unix.c. Added
           platform/win32.c. Other cleanups to get this compiling with
           Visual C and CygWin. Added BAIL_MACRO for times when we were doing
           BAIL_IF_MACRO(1, ...). Abstracted mkdir() in the platform drivers.
           Added GRP setting output to showcfg in the Makefile. Updated INSTALL
           with license info and Win32 build instructions. Dependency on the
           readline library in test_physfs.c is now optional.
           Changed version to 0.1.2.
08072001 - Changed version to 0.1.1.
08062001 - Added CD-ROM detection code to the unix platform driver.
08012001 - Added a safety memset in error setting, fixed URLs and email addr.
07282001 - Initial release.

--ryan. (

/* end of CHANGELOG ... */