updated to reflect info on VC6 static lib files
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updated to reflect info on VC6 static lib files
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 "Debug" or "Release". This EXE is linked against the DLL you built
+If you're using Visual C++ 6 and want to generate a static LIB file, point
+it at "physfs_static.dsp" in the root of the source tree and build.  This
+will produce a "physfs_static.lib" in either a "physfs_static_debug"
+or a "physfs_static_release" directory, depending on what configuration
+you chose to build.  NOPE: "test_physfs.dsp" does not work with the
+statically linked build.
 Visual Studio.NET users should do the same thing, but use the "physfs.vcproj"
 and "test_physfs.vcproj" project files instead.
+NOTE: to change build options such as which drivers are loaded (ZIP, QPAK,
+etc.) modify the appropriate manifest constants under the Project Settings.
+By default the LIB version supports all drivers, but the DLL build does
+not support MVL or HOG file formats.
 If you're using another compiler, send me a patch when you get it working.  :)
 No one's tried building this for a WinCE (PocketPC) platform, but it may or
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 If someone is willing to maintain prebuilt PhysicsFS DLLs, I'd like to hear
 from you; send an email to icculus@clutteredmind.org.
 MACOS 8/9:
 Double-click on "CWProjects.sit" in the root of the source tree. This will
 unpack into a folder called "Mac Classic Support", which has CodeWarrior 6