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            win32.c's mediaInDrive() function. This allows Windows NT 3.x to
            correctly detect CD-ROM drives. Library now appears to be fully
            functional on WinNT 3.51...need to try NT 3.1 still.  :)
+           Patches to new ZIP code; cleaned up bugs in symlink reading code,
+           but we incorrectly identify some entries as symlinks, which doesn't
+           fly...for now, symlink code is commented out, so symlinks look
+           like regular files (and reading from a symlink entry gives you
+           the link as file data).
 07122002 - Rewrote the ZIP archiver to no longer use Gilles Vollant's unzip.c
            code. Losing that abstraction should make the ZIP archiver
            significantly more efficient, and halved the amount of code used.