author Ozkan Sezer <>
Wed, 24 May 2017 11:28:05 -0400
changeset 599 f0d57c9b72d8
parent 562 7e08477b0fc1
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timidity.c: fix potential buffer overrun in RWgets (num_read check was off-by-one.) also simplify the procedure a bit. (transplanted from 0c4026dd32742e8b7d33fb96d40fe3c03b02f90c)

More immediate:
- Fix the crappy rewind implementation in shn.c's SHN_rewind().
- Finish implementing seek() method in decoders, see below.
- Add a sdlsound-config script?
- Make sure we can build shared libs on Cygwin, BeOS, Mac OS X...
- Move to CMake
- Up default optimizations to -O3?

Decoders still needing seek() method:
  (If decoder can't seek, clean up the stub and report an error.)
- mikmod.c
- shn.c
- quicktime.c

General stuff TODO:
- Hack on the experimental audio conversion routines.
- Add the altivec-optimized libvorbis to the project?
- Handle compression and other chunks in WAV files.
- Handle compression and other chunks in AIFF-C files.
- Reduce malloc() pressure.
- Maybe allow an external allocator?

Quicktime stuff that'd be cool, but isn't crucial:
- Integrate decoders/quicktime.c with build system (for OS X)?
- Make decoders/quicktime.c more robust.
- Make decoders/quicktime.c work on win32?
- There's no seek() method.

- look for "FIXME"s in the code.

/* end of TODO ... */