author Ryan C. Gordon <>
Sun, 26 Sep 2004 13:00:59 +0000
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Did the same thing to FileHandles than I did to DirHandles, but this triggered massive tweaking in physfs.c. A lot of code got little cleanups, which was nice. Less malloc pressure, too, since opening a file used to allocate a ton of crap and mush it it's basically down to one structure and the instance data in whatever archiver.

Initial API interface and implementation,
Unix support,
Win32 support,
BeOS support,
POSIX support,
OS/2 support,
GRP archiver,
DIR archiver,
ZIP archiver,
QPAK archiver,
MacOS Classic support:
    Ryan C. Gordon

Tons of win32 help:
    Adam Gates

More win32 hacking:
    Gregory S. Read

Fixes for missing current working directories,
PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() improvements,
other bugfixes:
    David Hedbor

Darwin support:
    Patrick Stein

configure fixes,
RPM specfile:
    Edward Rudd

GetLastModTime API,
other stuff:
    John R. Hall

Various support, fixes and suggestions:
    Alexander Pipelka

Russian translation,
Ruby bindings,
QPAK archiver:
    Ed Sinjiashvili

French translation:
    Stéphane Peter

Debian package support:
    Colin Bayer

"abs-file.h" in "extras" dir:
    Adam D. Moss

WinCE port and other Win32 patches:

German translation:
    Michael Renner

Apple Project Builder support,
MacOS X improvements:
    Eric Wing

HOG archiver,
MVL archiver,
    Bradley Bell

MIX archiver,
    Sebastian Steinhauer

Other stuff:
    Your name here! Patches go to ...

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